Cyber ninjas: How much do you know about cyber security?

By Daria Catalui

Are we ninjas in cyber? In my view there is always a need to improve basic behaviour like the services we use to store and transfer safely our data, keep accounts secure with lengthy passwords, verify sources of apps we download, enable two-factor authentication, back up data in order to sleep well…

In this post I intend to present to the reader with some of the EU initiatives that I would recommend to anyone in order to improve the skills in cyber.


Let’s start by introducing the European Cyber Security Month, an advocacy campaign taking place in October by the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA), the European Commission DG CONNECT and Partners in Member States (in Slovenia: Varni na internetu). European Cyber Security Month (ECSM) is an EU awareness campaign that promotes cyber security among citizens and organizations about the importance of information security and highlighting the simple steps that can be taken to protect their data, whether personal, financial and/or professional. The main goal being to raise awareness, change behaviour and provide resources to all about how to protect themselves online. are deploying the European Cyber Security Month (ECSM) every October.

Maybe you just want to know a little bit more on cyber? The Network and Information Security Quiz is a gamified educational solution to learn more about general security and privacy. This tool is designed to help you update your internet security knowledge and earn a badge of appreciation. Begin whenever you feel ready. It will take about 10 minutes and I think you’ll enjoy the quiz and learn something useful.

Maybe you would like to study hard and learn in a more structured way on the medium term. If this is your objective then the Network and Information Security educational map can support you in searching and finding the best suitable programme. This tool pins hundreds of programmes for general to specific skills in cyber.

If you are an educator adept of gamified learning then CyberReadyGame is for you. This is an awareness-raising board game developed by the Directorate-General for Informatics (DG DIGIT). The aim of the game is to pass specific cyber knowledge from experts to non-experts by creating mixed teams and by engaging in various scenarios. It is easy to adapt to all age groups and roles. This approach offers a good learning method to upskill on cyber security awareness in both technical and non-technical matters, learning from each other through play while also creating possible future communities of practice. By following the below design, a good facilitator can organise it in his or her own ecosystem.

Check out the video here

Maybe you are a student with advanced cyber as hobby then this capture the flag type of competition definitively will spark some interest. Probably you need to check the national selection and see how to become part of European cyber security challenge 2019.

So do you think you can become a more skilled cyber ninja in the long run? I believe that this is our duty as users of technology. Technology around us advances at an incredible speed and if you ask me, I would prefer to keep up with updating my knowledge on this multidisciplinary topic. Cyber Security is a shared responsibility!

Daria Catalui is a passionate learner and cyber awareness professional starting back in 2008 with experience at regional level through Danube.EDU NGO and European level through EU’s cyber security agency-ENISA and DIGIT in the European Commission. She speaks regularly in conferences around the world and she cares powerfully about #CyberEDU #GamifiedLearning #DanubeCommunity #Volunteering. On Twitter @DariaC

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