Dobro jutro, Evropa. In vse najboljše, gospa!

Pred točno 10 leti sem v Bordeauxu za svoje Erasmus prijatelje kupila torto. Imeli smo črno-belo natisnjeno zastavico EU, ki jo je nekdo že v kampusu zrezal in prilepil tako, da so bile zvezdice na obeh straneh. V tipičnem francoskem barčku smo naprosili plastične krožnike in zobotrebec, da je zastavica lahko ponosno krasila torto. In tako smo nazdravili na Evropo. Takrat nisem imela pojma, kako pomembna bo postala Evropska unija v mojem življenju in življenju nekaterih mojih odštekanih Erasmus in ostalih prijateljev. Ampak glede Evrope je stvar takšna, da se ti enostavno zgodi. Evrope ne poznaš, dokler je ne srečaš. In enkrat, ko jo spoznaš, ti obrne življenje na glavo.

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Climate change: What Europe has to offer

The UN General Secretary seems to agree with Europe – Each action counts. Source. UN

The Climate summit took place yesterday at the occasion of the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) yesterday. Ban Ki-Moon, General Secretary of the UN, called for this summit with the aim of putting the issue of climate change back on the top of agendas of over 120 world leaders, even though a regular UN climate conference is foreseen for this December. The European Union is represented in New York by the outgoing President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, Commissioner for climate change Connie Hedegaard and Commissioner for development aid Andris Piebalgs. Can Europe use its exaple to stimulate other countries towards a more serious climate action? Which policies does it have at its disposal? Well, Ban Ki-Moon preferred to bet his money on Leonardo Di Caprio.

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European Parliament priorities until the end of the year: Commissioners, finances, energy and foreign policy

koledar september
EP Calendar September 2014. Source: EP

As schools re-open their doors, so do the Members of the European Parliament return to their offices in Brussels. The first day after recess, 1st September, was this time even more interesting for the MEPs as it’s also the first day after the elections. New MEPs have arrived and some old ones were re-elected in order to represent their constituencies in the only supranational parliament in the world. Political groups represented in the European Parliament of 2014-2019 now hold a different balance than they had in the previous mandate. Here, we present some main topics, which the MEPs will have to address before the end of this year. All deliberations of the European Parliament and its Committees can be followed live with interpretation at EPTV.

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