A new Union. The Energy Union.

Recently, top EU leaders announced the establishment of the Energy Union. This should be the creation of an integrated energy policy for the entire European Union, which is currently lost somewhere between environmental policy, competition, industry and climate change. Before us is a period when a number of important decisions will be taken in the field of energy. The Informal Energy Council scheduled for next week will also see Ministers of the Member States discuss this new initiative. Therefore, I suggest to look at some key information and basic concepts to shed some light on the matter.

Source: europa.eu

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European Parliament priorities until the end of the year: Commissioners, finances, energy and foreign policy

koledar september
EP Calendar September 2014. Source: EP

As schools re-open their doors, so do the Members of the European Parliament return to their offices in Brussels. The first day after recess, 1st September, was this time even more interesting for the MEPs as it’s also the first day after the elections. New MEPs have arrived and some old ones were re-elected in order to represent their constituencies in the only supranational parliament in the world. Political groups represented in the European Parliament of 2014-2019 now hold a different balance than they had in the previous mandate. Here, we present some main topics, which the MEPs will have to address before the end of this year. All deliberations of the European Parliament and its Committees can be followed live with interpretation at EPTV.

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