A new Union. The Energy Union.

Recently, top EU leaders announced the establishment of the Energy Union. This should be the creation of an integrated energy policy for the entire European Union, which is currently lost somewhere between environmental policy, competition, industry and climate change. Before us is a period when a number of important decisions will be taken in the field of energy. The Informal Energy Council scheduled for next week will also see Ministers of the Member States discuss this new initiative. Therefore, I suggest to look at some key information and basic concepts to shed some light on the matter.

Source: europa.eu

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EU-Russia Relations: The winter is coming

Vir: neftegaz.ru
Vir: neftegaz.ru

On the Eastern border of the European Union extends the world’s largest country, Russia. This ex-Eastern superpower is now in the hands of Vladimir Putin, a kind of an “elected” despot, who has been lately increasingly turning his back at the European Union.  With the cancellation of the South Stream project, which would have brought more Russian gas into the EU, a colder period of EU-Russia relations is at the horizon. This week, read more on EU-Russia relations, which issues cannot be agreed upon and why Europeans are not too worried about the cancellation of the South Stream.

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