Turn to Europe and Give Peace a Chance.

It’s become a tradition for me. In spite of all my other tasks and responsibilities and regardless of whether I am actively blogging at that moment or not, I would sit down (in the middle of the night) and write up a short blog to be published on 9 May, the EU Day. Usually, I write about how I see Europe evolving and what I would wish it to become for future generations. Today, let this be a call for immediate action, as we seem to be living in time that hangs between war and peace, freedom and autocracy, stability and chaos.

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EU-Russia Relations: The winter is coming

Vir: neftegaz.ru
Vir: neftegaz.ru

On the Eastern border of the European Union extends the world’s largest country, Russia. This ex-Eastern superpower is now in the hands of Vladimir Putin, a kind of an “elected” despot, who has been lately increasingly turning his back at the European Union.  With the cancellation of the South Stream project, which would have brought more Russian gas into the EU, a colder period of EU-Russia relations is at the horizon. This week, read more on EU-Russia relations, which issues cannot be agreed upon and why Europeans are not too worried about the cancellation of the South Stream.

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