Europe of languages or what happens when interpreters switch off their mikes

Even though the hot topic of these days, especially in Slovenia where we are not used to those that look different form our common Slovenian, is the refugee crisis (which Grega described last week), I decided to serve you a bit of a lighter topic this week from the side of EU360. A topic coloured with languages as tomorrow is the European day of languages which marks our multilingualism and linguistic richness. While it is general knowledge that the EU has 24 official languages and a number of working languages, I am going to give you a peek into what happens in Brussels, when interpreters switch off their mikes.


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Erasmus: The guy that made student exchange possible for 3 million young Europeans

Vir: Evropska komisija
Vir: Evropska komisija/Source: European Commission

The program of the European Union, named after the Dutch humanist Erasmus of Rotterdam, is one of the most successful instruments of the Union. Since its creation in 1987 it has enabled 3 million students to study or work abroad for a period of up to one year. By 2020, Erasmus+ plans to increase this number further by an additional million.

In today’s analysis, find out:
* Why Erasmus is not only an exchange, but an experience,
* Why its easier to find work for Erasmus students,
* How to apply for an exchange and how to get financing,
* And who the H** was Erasmus.

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Climate change: What Europe has to offer

The UN General Secretary seems to agree with Europe – Each action counts. Source. UN

The Climate summit took place yesterday at the occasion of the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) yesterday. Ban Ki-Moon, General Secretary of the UN, called for this summit with the aim of putting the issue of climate change back on the top of agendas of over 120 world leaders, even though a regular UN climate conference is foreseen for this December. The European Union is represented in New York by the outgoing President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, Commissioner for climate change Connie Hedegaard and Commissioner for development aid Andris Piebalgs. Can Europe use its exaple to stimulate other countries towards a more serious climate action? Which policies does it have at its disposal? Well, Ban Ki-Moon preferred to bet his money on Leonardo Di Caprio.

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