European Citizens’ Initiative – success or disappointment?

April 1st marked the third anniversary of the beginning of the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI). Even if its implementation was foreseen already in the Lisbon treaty (which entered into force in 2009), the enforcement of the ECI was postponed until 2012. The ECI was presented as an important instrument for EU citizens, that would allow them to influence and directly shape the EU legislation. What did the ECI really bring and can we be satisfied with it?

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Monsieur Juncker, an EU army could never be NATO.

On Monday, the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, surprised by a statement that the European Union should respond to the growing aggressiveness of Russia by uniting the military capabilities of its Member States based on the model of NATO. According to Juncker, a man dedicated to further integration of European countries, the EU can at this time no longer remain credible if we are not willing to make sure that we can protect our values by an armed force. Reactions of Member States were varied. But, can we imagine that one day there may be a future in which the European Union will be defended by soldiers with blue and gold flags on their uniforms? Perhaps. At the moment, when Putin’s Russia is increasingly flexing its muscles, and the Islamist regime  of Daesh is becoming increasingly widespread in the Middle East, it could be a right time for EU Member States to move forward and unite their troops under one roof.

One question remains, however. Would an EU army, modeled on NATO be the best solution?



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