Will this time be (really) enough?

Europe is again under shock. During a journey to that promised Europe, that for many African who don’t have anything to lose and that most probably represents the promised land, a lot of people drowned. Around 950 people were on the boat that on Sunday sank between Malta and Lampedusa, and another 200 on the boat that sank on Monday near the Greek island of Rhodes. Some of them were rescued, but the vast majority will forever remain in the Mediterranean. Based on the data of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) the Mediterranean took last year 3.279 people, while until the 19 April of this year already 1.600. For how much have this number to rise, that Europe (the EU and its Member States) will react?

Vir: (c) Amnesty International UK
Source: (c) Amnesty International UK

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