Schengen’s last round

Schengen is (clinically) dead. Donald Tusk last week said, that Member States have only two more months to save the internal borderless area. To be honest, Schengen started to implode when its first country reestablished the border checks on the internal borders last autumn. At that time it was said that the checks will be only temporary. However, Monday’s informal meeting of the interior ministers in Amsterdam showed that this won’t be the case. Some countries requested the Commission to prepare th basis for the use of article 26 of the Schengen treaty, that allows the prolongation of the checks up to two years. The first domino is therefore falling. If it will really finally fall, there will only be the question of time when the second will follow.

Future reality inside Europe?

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Europe (and Schengen) after Paris

Two weeks after the Paris attacks Europe is still facing the consequences of it. The most threatened countries tightened the security measures, while in some countries there were several police actions to prevent new potential attacks. It seems anyway that this event was a woke up call for the countries, now we just need to wait how long they will be awake. Beside the “national” wake up, some countries would like to see that Europe would wake up too and they are seeking some EU law changes. Together with a fast track adoption of EU legislation regarding the exchange of PNR data, some countries (like Spain and France) are calling for a change of Schengen rules. As always, Europe is the best scapegoat for someones own errors.

Svetovni voditelji na republikanskem shodu v Parizu (Vir: (c) Evropska unija 2015 - Evropska komisija)
World leaders attending the republican march in Paris (Source: (c) European Union 2015 – European Commission)

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